ZettaBlock & LearnWeb3 Developer Bounty Event Summary

ZettaBlockApr 22, 2023


The goal of the bounty event was to encourage beginner developers to build GraphQL API on ZettaBlock and learn how to integrate with the API. We received many responses from the LearnWeb3 & ZettaBlock communities, and we are thrilled with the results.


To successfully complete the submission, participants had to go further and write a blog post to document their journey of building with ZettaBlock. This blog post was essential in sharing their experiences, successes and challenges encountered. By doing so, participants were not only rewarded for their efforts but also for helping to build a better community by sharing their knowledge.


After reviewing all of the submissions, we are pleased to announce the winners of the event:

All the winners of this bounty event will receive a prize of 20 USDC distributed on the Polygon network!

Congratulations! The ZettaBlock team will finish the reward distribution process in the following 2 weeks.


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