ZettaBlock Community User Program

ZettaBlockApr 22, 2023

Hello everyone!

We have some exciting news to share with our community. At ZettaBlock, we have had many valuable learning experiences in 2022 and are grateful for the feedback and support we have received from our community members.

As we move forward, we want to create a closer connection with all of you and provide better support for your needs. We also want to talk with you directly about feature ideas, bugs, or any other general issues related to your dApps, crypto data, or Web3.

To achieve this, we are launching the Community User Program to create a more personal and engaged community at ZettaBlock.

If you would like to continue using our platform and help us build this community, please fill out our application form ⬇️

ZettaBlock Signup Form

When filling out the form, please select “Personal Use”. We will personally review each application and onboard new members in batches.

Please note that all existing free-plan accounts will be deactivated (though you will still be able to view saved queries and APIs) and need to be reactivated through the whitelist starting Jan 20, 2023. Existing paid users will not be impacted.

Please keep in mind that this information is subject to change. We value your input and feedback and want to make our platform the best it can be for everyone. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us on Discord.

We hope you will join us in building a stronger and more connected community at ZettaBlock!

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