ZettaBlock: A Year of Triumphs in 2023

ZettaBlockJan 10, 2024

TL;DR: ZettaBlock's 2023 Milestones

  • Expanded Chain Support: Integrated multiple new blockchains, including zkEVM, Bitcoin, Ethereum Goerli and Beacon, Arbitrum, and BSC.
  • Real-Time Data Launch: Enabled real-time data capabilities for Ethereum and Beacon chains.
  • New Innovative Features:
    • Custom GraphQL APIs: For complex, low-latency data fetching.
    • Incremental Refresh: Optimized data costs with selective dataset updating.
    • Webhooks: Automated notifications for real-time updates.
    • Over 200 New Abstraction Tables for streamlined dApp development.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Formed new partnerships with Chainlink, zkSync, Polygon, Sui, Cube, Forta, and more.
  • Team Expansion: Welcomed 20 top talents from leading tech companies.



As 2023 concludes, it's time to reflect on a year marked by significant progress and meaningful partnerships at ZettaBlock. Our journey this year has been nothing short of extraordinary, with each milestone bringing us closer to our vision of a decentralized, data-empowered world.


Expanding Horizons: Real-Time Data and New Chains


A major highlight of 2023 was the launch of real-time data support for a range of blockchains, such as Ethereum and Beacon. This expansion not only enhanced our platform's capabilities but also allowed developers to build new use cases on top of our infrastructure. You can read more about shipping real-time data here.

Moreover, the onboarding of new chains such as zkEVM, Bitcoin, Ethereum Goerli and Beacon, Arbitrum, and BSC, was driven by a clear objective: to dismantle the barriers of data silos that often impede developers in the Web3 space.

This expansion is more than just adding numbers to our portfolio; it's about providing developers with seamless access to a wide range of data sources. By integrating these new chains, we've significantly reduced the overhead and challenges associated with managing data across multiple platforms, providers or nodes.


Innovating for Efficiency: New Features


Custom GraphQL APIs

In 2023, ZettaBlock launched our custom GraphQL API endpoints. These allow developers to efficiently build custom APIs using SQL, supporting any complex logic without compromising on latency. This feature empowers developers to tailor data retrieval to their specific needs, enhancing the flexibility and performance of their applications and various use cases. Read more about GraphQL APIs and how to get started here.


Incremental Refresh for Historical Data

Launching Incremental Refresh has been a significant advancement in optimizing data costs. This feature allows for updating specific parts of a dataset, preserving existing data while reducing the need for complete data refreshes. This approach is particularly effective for reducing compute unit costs significantly, as it updates only the portions that have changed since the last refresh, rather than rewriting the entire dataset. It's particularly useful for APIs that would otherwise require substantial compute units to refresh, enabling cost reductions of up to approximately 99.99%​. You can find more about incremental refresh here.


Webhooks for Real-Time Alerts

The addition of Webhooks in ZettaBlock provides a powerful tool for real-time responsiveness. Webhooks enable automated notifications or actions in response to specific data changes or events in the blockchain data, allowing developers to quickly respond to changes without constant monitoring. This feature enhances the agility of applications, keeping them synchronized with the latest events and significantly improving their efficiency and relevance in the dynamic Web3 world. Dive into webhooks and how they work in this doc.


Abstraction Tables for Simplified Data Handling

In 2023 we have been constantly introducing new abstraction tables. These tables provide simplified interfaces for interacting with complex blockchain data, like NFTs, bridges, liquidity pools, and balance data, and more. The purpose of these tables is to make accessing and using data as fast and easy as possible, eliminating the need for joining multiple tables or decoding data to extract relevant information. This innovation significantly lowers barriers to data access and empowers developers to build more data-driven solutions efficiently. Visit our Data Catalog for a detailed breakdown of tables offered.

Strategic Alliances: Forming Astonishing Partnerships

In 2023, ZettaBlock established key partnerships with leading entities in the blockchain industry, including Chainlink, zkSync, Polygon, Sui, Cube, and Forta. These partnerships are pivotal, not just for their symbolic value, but for the tangible ways in which we're collaborating to enhance and grow ecosystems.

With each of these partners, we are actively working to develop and ship new use cases that extend the boundaries of what's possible in the Web3 space. By combining our strengths with those of our partners, we're not only fostering innovation but also ensuring that the growth of these ecosystems is sustainable, secure, and user-centric.


Welcoming Talent: Strengthening Our Team

In 2023, ZettaBlock welcomed 20 top tech and business talents, bringing with them invaluable experience from renowned companies like Uber, Google, Confluent, and Coinbase. This influx of talent has not only enhanced our technical capabilities but also brought fresh perspectives and ideas to our team. 

Looking Ahead: 2024 and Beyond


As we welcome 2024, we are filled with anticipation for the many *exciting* events planned and new partnerships on the horizon. Next week will mark the beginning of a year dedicated to building and supporting developers in creating applications that will introduce the next billion users to Web3. We can’t wait to share more news with you soon!

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