zkSync Era and ZettaBlock Collaborate for Real-Time zkSync Applications

ZettaBlockAug 03, 2023

ZettaBlock, an enterprise-grade full-stack Web3 data platform, is excited to announce its collaboration with zkSync to enhance the capabilities of real time data accessibility in the Ethereum ecosystem.


Developers can now build real-time, public-facing, reliable APIs via SQL in minutes, without worrying about processing zkSync Era data in their frontends or backends. The collaboration enables ZettaBlock's community of developers and analysts to gain unprecedented access to the data and trends on zkSync Era.


“One of the undeniable strong points of permissionless blockchain protocols like zkSync Era, is its transparency, but while all activity is public, not all of it is readily available in the same place in a digestible format. ZettaBlock allows users, developers and projects to easily leverage the public nature of blockchains, customize the data that they want and visually represent it to easily draw insights of all kinds.”

– Marco Cora, Senior Vice President of Business and Operations at Matter Labs.


By leveraging zkSync's zero-knowledge proof technology, users can verify transactions without the need to process every single one on the Ethereum mainnet. This reduces gas fees and increases transaction throughput, making it an attractive solution for developers looking to build scalable applications on Ethereum. These scalable apps are critical to the growth and development of the Web3 space.


ZettaBlock's long-standing commitment to providing developers with the necessary tools for real-world utility and value has solidified its position as a trusted platform within the Web3 developer community. Leveraging its robust data infrastructure, ZettaBlock unlocks the potential of highest-refresh and lowest-latency actionable insights for zkSync Era and its ecosystem. Developers benefit from the platform's exceptional availability with 99.95% uptime, ensuring uninterrupted access to critical data. Moreover, ZettaBlock's scalability and concurrency capabilities, defaulting to 1,000 queries per second (qps), provide developers with virtually infinite scalability to handle even the most demanding workloads. By allowing the seamless integration of private, on-chain, and off-chain data, developers can build a wide array of applications, regardless of the complexity of the underlying logic.



About zkSync Era


zkSync Era is committed to advancing personal freedom for all with the end vision of making digital self-ownership universally accessible by building an open blockchain network that is trustless, secure, permissionless, affordable, easy to use, resilient, and limitlessly scalable. zkSync Era is a zkEVM designed to scale blockchains like the Internet. The protocol makes it effortless for EVM-based projects to deploy on the L2 network, offering low gas fees and high transaction speeds while fully preserving Ethereum's security guarantees.


To learn more about zkSync, visit zksync.io and follow @zkSync on Twitter.



About ZettaBlock


ZettaBlock is an institutional-grade, full-stack Web3 data platform that revolutionizes indexing, allowing both analytics and real-time use cases. With a unified backend, developers can rapidly construct applications in just a few days.


Our team of esteemed data experts, from prestigious institutions such as Databricks, Confluent, Uber, Salesforce, and Polygon, have created this fully-managed platform, trusted by top web3 ecosystems and applications, including Circle, Polygon, zkSync, Crypto.com, and more. 


To learn more about ZettaBlock, visit zettablock.com, and follow @ZettaBlockHQ on Twitter.

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