ZettaBlock’s Open Beta Launch: Empowering Developers to Build Data-Powered Web3 Applications

Chi ZhangMar 06, 2024

ZettaBlock is redefining the way Web3 developers interact with and build on top of blockchain data. Our full-stack data platform merges on-chain with private off-chain data to expedite data-driven Web3 application development.


Our core mission is to empower developers by completely removing the barriers associated with data and infrastructure challenges. Put simply, we handle infrastructure headaches so that developers can get back to what they do best: building cutting-edge Web3 applications that will bring the next billion users to Web3. 


Today, we're excited to announce that ZettaBlock is now publicly available: from developers at the most groundbreaking Web3 companies, analysts and enterprises from institutional associations, to community users coming from Web2, our Web3 data platform is open to everyone.


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Our Journey So Far

Since our waitlist launch last year, ZettaBlock has powered leading projects such as Crypto.comEigenLayerBonfire, and Artemis Analytics, by providing tools for efficient, cost-effective development of data-driven applications. Alongside, we’ve formed strategic partnerships with key industry players including ChainlinkSuiStellarFortazkSyncPolygon, and more - all aimed at empowering developers to innovate and to build user-centric applications and experiences that will narrow the gap between Web2 and Web3. 


For instance, leverages our prebuilt APIs for real-time balance and price data, while Forta utilizes custom APIs for historical context to train their ML models for real-time security monitoring.


“Partnering with ZettaBlock has empowered EigenLayer developers with real-time blockchain data. It's a game-changer enabling unprecedented agility, stability, and performance in our development process. ”


- Bowen Li, Principle Engineer @ EigenLayer


Why ZettaBlock Matters for Web3

In the evolving Web3 landscape, where access to top-tier developer tools has been limited, ZettaBlock is set to change this narrative by providing enterprise-grade tools. With ZettaBlock, developers have the freedom to execute complex logic, addressing varied business needs without the heavy price tags or restrictions previously imposed by various incumbents.


 ZettaBlock’s solutions directly address the multifaceted challenges of Web3 development:

  • Fragmentation of Data Sources: Web3 data sources are often scattered and operate in silos with unique standards for data schemas and access. For example, calculating a wallet’s latest balance requires aggregating price data for thousands of tokens and correlating it with users’ addresses.


  • Overhead Costs of Data Infrastructure Management: Beyond mere storage challenges, the complexities of indexing, decoding and quality management of vast datasets escalate costs and demand extensive engineering efforts. For instance, indexing a L1 chain can involve 3-4 months to develop an ingestor, with maintenance time being 3 - 4x longer. Cumulatively, this can amount to over half a million in engineering costs and engineering time. In practice, this not only strains budgets, but also diverts technical talent from innovation to maintenance. 


  • Custom API Development: Custom API creation, crucial for reflecting dynamic business needs, is often slow, hindering developers to quickly adapt to market changes.


  • Scaling with Exponential Data Growth: With data in the blockchain ecosystem growing over 100x in the past 2 years, reaching beyond 1PB, managing massive datasets in real-time, while also processing them in low-latency becomes crucial for an enhanced user experience.


Enter The DataHub & DevStudio: Where the Web3 Developer Dream Begins 

Part 1: The DataHub

Zettablock’s DataHub is the beating heart of data in the Web3 universe. Whether on-chain or off-chain, real-time or historical, contributed by the community or third-party-sourced, the DataHub is the ultimate toolkit for finding the right dataset that will power your Web3 application. The DataHub eliminates data silos, providing rich, high-quality data across 12+ blockchains and 500+ popular Web3 datasets. Almost every piece of data is decoded (~98% for EVM logs, traces, and transactions), checked with precise data quality assertions, and cleanly packaged for your exploration.


The DataHub is also your canvas for incorporating & joining private sources, which enables you to extract meaningful, domain-specific insights that matter to you and your business.


But that's not all - the DataHub hosts an expanding suite of prebuilt APIs for data access. Today, we’re launching with 20+ GraphQL and 10+ REST APIs that will be your streamlined building blocks for common use cases, such as wallets, DeFi or NFTs, with more on the way.


For examples of our prebuilt APIs, refer to this doc.


Part 2: The DevStudio

Our DevStudio is where complexity meets creativity, and where developers unlock the power to customize and mold data to align with any use case. 

  • Off-the-Shelf APIs Falling Short? Build Custom APIs in Minutes: Within DevStudio, crafting custom APIs is a breeze. Select from SQL API, GraphQL endpoints, or REST APIs based on your application's specific requirements. Leverage the DataHub’s search capabilities to seamlessly discover tables, join them together, and transform data, covering even the most complex scenarios. With a single click, effortlessly convert SQL to GraphQL API, streamlining the process for swift and efficient development.


  • Struggling with Outdated Data? Stream it Directly: Immediately stream decoded live blockchain data to your databases or data warehouses - crucial for applications that need up-to-the-second data without delay. For event-driven logic, our real-time trigger functionality lets developers set up alerts for specific blockchain events or transactions, enabling prompt response to relevant changes.


  • Need Enterprise-Grade Assurance? ZettaBlock Delivers: DevStudio offers robust solutions tailored for institutional needs, encompassing data privacy, advanced security, multi-tenant support for collaboration, and SLAs for reliable performance. Plus, any APIs you create will scale horizontally for dynamic demand, ensuring your application is always reliable.


  • AI-Powered for Seamless Interactions: Elevate user experiences with natural language processing for queries and an AI-powered chatbot. When questions arise, our AI chatbot provides instant assistance, enhancing user interactions and ensuring a smoother building experience. Plus, our AI-driven query router instantly decides which query engine is best to use to speed up and optimize queries, based on your SQL input.

Come BUIDL: Join Our Beta

Turn your Web3 ideas into reality, build confidently and with ease - and let’s shape the future of decentralized applications together. 



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